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Security Shutters

Retail security windows
Security Shutters

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Lone Star Security Shutters and


Retail security windows

Security Shutters Dallas company, Lone Star Security Shutters and Screens, is a Veteran owned business located in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. Combine, the Lone Star Team has almost 50 years in the building and construction materials industry. Our central location allows our team to effectively service Texas and surrounding states.

The Lone Star Team is focused on providing the highest quality products, with top tier installations, and a level of customer service that is second to none. We also believe in operating with integrity and being a partner in delivering the right security shutter and screen solutions for each client.

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Rolling Security Shutters and Doors

Retail security windows

Lone Star Security Shutters provide a layer of physical security to protect against smash and grab theft, home invasions, crimes of opportunity, and severe weather. Whether you are securing your business or your home, we can design the right shutters that will meet your needs and work with the design of the structure and exceed your expectations.

Our solutions are constructed using materials from the best and most tenured manufacturers in the industry, This ensures that the solutions we install operate as they are designed, reliable, and look fantastic.

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Rolling Shutters
Window Security Shutters

Rolling Sun Screens

Retail security windows

Lone Star Security Shutters and Screens is proud to install rolling sunscreens made by the industry’s top manufactures. Our solutions are made from the highest quality textiles using new technologies that allow them to be extremely durable and able to handle higher wind loads than most other units on the market. The extruded portions of the units are coated with heavy weather finishes that resist fading and chipping, allowing your unit to look great for years to come.

What makes rolling sun screens so great is that you can roll the screen up and the unit is barely noticeable. When you roll it down you gain protection against harmful UV rays, reduction of heat in the space, providing privacy, creating a barrier against pests all while maintaining your outward view.

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Lone Star Security Shutters

Retail security windows

Lone Star Security Shutters is the number one provider of shutter-style security doors in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond. But, why choose security shutters at all? The days of the good old lock and key or padlocked chain are too far gone. Criminals of any opportunity level have the tools at their disposal to get past most single-mechanism locks, and police response from automated alarms can be minutes behind the craftiest thieves as they make their escape.

Security shutters prevent burglaries and robberies of any kind, creating a wall that’s too tough for the passing thief and too obstructive for the professionals to bother with. It’s a visible layer of protection that keeps your storefront, or home front, from being victimized by assaults. No broken windows, locks, doors or walls. And none but the best come from Lone Star Security.


Security Doors and Shutters For Business

It’s getting to be frightening out there for small business owners. Even for chains or franchises, owning a store of any kind means more than just meeting a bottom line. It means keeping things safe. Hiring standing or automated security can be an expense too great for most businesses to bear, so static security measures are the go-to to keep the business locked down and secure after hours. But what static security works best?

Security shutters are the easiest way to ensure the protection of a business. They are installed over major windows and doors, can be as wide as the whole storefront or be segmented to protect only specific areas, and are unseen during the regular operating hours so they don’t get in the way. These shutters are made of segmented metal which are stored as sheets and roll down along a track to lock into place from the inside. They can be placed along windows, doors, or both to fully cover a building.

Having rolling shutters is key to ensuring the ongoing security of a business in a high traffic area where crime is a common occurrence. The police can’t be everywhere, and response times may be delayed from when a silent alarm can be activated. Security shutters act as a full layer of deterrence stopping any criminal from getting in by the virtue of the difficulty of the lock and the impact that undoing them makes to the surroundings. They’re loud, on purpose. The noise of a track being lifted can be enough, on its own, to trip an alarm before the robbers even have a chance to work on the next layer of locks.

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Security Shutters For Home

Not everyone owns a business. Some own homes. Residential rolling shutters serve the same purpose but in a much more compromising environment. It’s a tragedy if a business is broken into. It’s traumatic if a home is violated the same way. Homes with expansive wide-open windows or large window spaces are vulnerable to these kinds of attacks. Having reinforced glass will only stop the first wave of an assault, but once it’s down, a dedicated burglar will have free reign.

Lone Star Security provides rolling shutters for homes as well. These are the same kind of unobtrusive, out of the way shutters that provide safety outside or inside of any home. They’re ideal for locking down a residence while the family is out for an extended period, or to protect against frequent malicious attacks in the neighborhood.


But Lone Star doesn’t just provide cover-all protection from human elements. It also provides protection from natural elements. Storm shutters help keep homes dry during stores, and rolling shutter screens can provide automatic sun blinds to any large window surface without the need for drawing curtains or messing with Venetian blinds. These blinds can also be installed over open, en-walled areas to provide a buffer against bugs and pests while still allowing an open flow of air through a patio or outdoor venue.

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Security Exterior Shutters

Retail security windows

Why choose Lone Star to supply and install these proven security devices and systems? Because Lone Star does it best. They are a veteran owned company with a team of 50 combined years of experience in the construction industry. They know how to build something up and integrate it as part of an existing structure in a seamless way. And how to get it to work mechanically with just the touch of a button. Their service reaches through all of Texas out of Dallas-Fort Worth and surrounding states that want a Texas-tough degree of protection.

They provide three main builds of their product that can suit any budget and any build.


Motorized are fully automated, electric shutters which rise and lower via remote control or a wired switch in a safe location within the premises. They offer multiple options for controllers which can integrate into anyone’s routine, be it for business or home use.

Manual Crank

Manual Crank shutters required no electricity, just some quick elbow grease and manual labor. These are heavy, hearty shutters good for keeping out anything from crowbars to hurricane winds and aren’t easily lifted without the proper tools and method. Best used for businesses and paired with additional security measures, such as keeping the crank separate from the gear under lock and key.


Spring shutters are lighter, light enough to be lifted up with ease on a spring-and-pulley system. They can be pulled down to lock into place and easily lifted back up until needed. These are best used at homes that need more protection from the elements than against armed tear-downs.

The Goal is Freedom from Worries

Retail security windows

Security shutters help preserve security, safety, privacy and comfort for any business or home. Don’t rely on the old and tested methods of security forever. The results are in: shutters are a thief’s worst nightmare, and a storm’s worst neighbor. Whether you’re living along a battered coast, up tornado alley or on a street that’s busy in all the wrong hours, you should look into rolling security shutters to up your protection to a new level.

Roll Shutters

If you have any questions, please fell free to get in touch with us. We will reply to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

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Retail security windows

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    Retail security windows
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